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The best annuity agents across the nation are using radio to generate high quality leads. People want to hear the “Safe Money” message now more than ever — you have the solutions they’re looking for.

Radio is effective: reach 2,000 – 3,000 targeted listeners with every broadcast and you will as many as 40 leads per month… or more! Radio is efficient: become a radio celebrity straight from your desk with little effort. Radio is inexpensive: it costs about $3-4,000 a month to air your half hour show weekly. Radio generates targeted annuity leads of the highest quality — people who want to talk to you about buying indexed annuities.

Radio is fun: everyone loves a celebrity, you can leverage your celebrity status across all your marketing efforts and brand yourself as the local annuity expert in your community.

We’re radio experts and have put over 200 agents on the air with their own Safe Money Radio show. We know how to do it and we make it easy for you.

Join us to become a Safe Money Radio host. The Safe Money Radio team will provide you with:
  Targeted airtime in your city
  Professional production
  Custom promotion
  A how-to guide for recording at your desk

The Safe Money Radio team is dedicated to your radio success. We are always standing by ready and available to assist you. CONTACT US TODAY! Call David Townsend at (877) 797-0893 or email us at: david@annuity.com.